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RACE LOCATION: streets of toronto.

FORECAST: sunshine with rain clouds.

MOOD: ๐Ÿ˜ still waking up


Racing credentials: check.
Coconut water : always. check.
Race weekend location convenience: check, check !!
Coffee consumed: check. mmmmm.

Here we are, racing in the streets of Toronto.

This is my city. At least, this is where I live now.

Originally, I come from Mississauga – just 20 minutes outside of downtown Toronto. A ‘suburb’ of the beautiful city. Less traffic, wide roads; a perfect setting for my driving in my teenage years.

Toronto roads are a tad different – they are tighter, much more rough (perfectly shown in the photo above ๐Ÿ˜› ), and the traffic lights seem to be in your rear view every 20 seconds. ohhhh #citylife

..this is probably why I like to spend my driving time on the race track.DCIM100GOPRO

When I was much younger I remember getting so excited to take the train into downtown – the city was full of opportunity and excitement.

It still is, really. But now – it is a different opportunity that I see there. Now to me, the city doesn’t mean working inside of a building or a store. Instead, I’d prefer to be inside of a car flying down Lakeshore at 240km/h – legally ๐Ÿ™‚ .

To race on the streets of Toronto would be a dream for me. And this past weekend, this is what my boyfriend was doing.


My #88 – driver Marco Cirone. A true talent and humble driver and human being.



The Indy Car race series comes to town once a year and uses the Lakeshore area of Toronto as the setting for competition – and they bring a wad of groupies with them. Groupies are what I like to call the support racing series for the weekend. That is why we were here, we’re the groupies.

We drive in the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Canada series. In some seriously cool cars.

The team, Mark Motors Racing, is my boyfriends sponsor and a group of truly wonderful people. The mechanics are Bestline Auto Tech – who also support my race car – and they are family to me.


The car my boyfriend races is a 2017 991 911 Porsche GT3 Cup Car, and is absolutely breathtaking. 485HP and the most beautiful voice I’ve heard.. aside from my race car ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

A beast, a monster.. this is how we describe them. Or in Zach’s case (driver of #98 for Mark Motors and Marco’s teammate), a frog.. See below..


This weekend, my boyfriend took home 4th and 5th overall in the Platinum class, and 1st in both races in Platinum Masters class.

Top 5 is a huge accomplishment with the drivers in this series – a lot of them should really be labeled as professionals. Most have been racing since 8 in go-karts or have competed across seas in European series professionally. 

My boyfriend started racing when he was 36. A little different from the rest.. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I guess him & I are on the same journey in that respect- I started racing in my later years as well. I began racing at 23 years old – just two years ago. (believe it or not I am classified as ‘old’ to start racing at this age – what!!).


In these past two years, I can’t describe to you what I have felt being a part of motorsport. I know my boyfriend would say the same about his years in racing too.. there is nothing like it. Nothing.

Perhaps we are just wired in a super thrill-seeking, crazy-risk-taker kind of way. But if we are, then so are our competitors and teammates too.


No matter what, this is where I belong. This is my family, my people, my sport. This is where I feel like there is nothing else.. This is motorsport and me.


Until the finish line.

Lindsay Rice




One comment on “TORONTO

  1. Moe says:

    This was a well written and a great inside for those of us outside and just slightly toeing the line of understanding the sport. I’ve been volunteering for 17 years and every year I learn something new. I see something different. I love watching everyone grow from their 1st year as Amateur to the latest year when they in turn start helping other 1st year drivers. The sounds, the people running around, the unique cars. It’s all worth coming out to volunteer too. Thanks Lindsay


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