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So happy & so proud of @marco.991 for this past weekends results. He placed 4th overall in race 1, and third overall on race 2. 🏁💃🏼 Never can find a better place than being at the track, and being there with this guy makes it that much better. Congrats babe ! #gt3can #porschegt3cup #motorsport #porscheracing Living vicariously through this one 🙂😂 Doing well here in Sebring - most of the Canadian drivers are taking the top spots (as per the trend for a few years 😅). Loving every minute of being back at the track ❤️❤️ Big news to share very very soon. #riceracing #sebring Here’s a good throwback to us testing last year at @sebringraceway !! Definitely a favourite track of mine. Now - I won’t be testing there again this year, but I decided I can’t stay away any longer. I will be at Sebring this week to cheer on fellow drivers at the #GT3CAN and Continental Races ❤️🏎 Looking forward to being back at the races again, whether or not I’m in the car.  #sebring12 #motorsport #racing I really am so proud of the women I have in my life. They inspire me, they support me, and they make me very happy to call them mine ❤️ Here are a few of the Rice ladies (and baby Walt) supporting me at a charity event last season. These chickies are seriously super rad. I know that these ladies are going to bring so much to this beautiful world 😊 Let’s not forget Walt in the back - he loves his ladies too. 👶🏼 #ladylove #internationalwomensday #riceracing Let’s stick up for the women by our sides, and the women of tomorrow. 👭👭 Happy international women’s day to you wonderful, amazing, chickitas out there. Keep fighting and keep pushing for what you want in your life. 💪🏼 This photo is from a ‘trailblazing women’ panel I was on last year, which I was honoured to be a part of with some truly fantastic ladies by my side.  #internationalwomensday #internationalwomensday2018 #trailblazers #womenforwomen @companyofwomen Suited up, ready to go 🏁🙋🏽‍♀️ Only a matter of time before we get back into this gear. Can’t wait one more second. Especially with the car that’s on its way. Any guesses? 🏎🙄 It’s a beaut #racinglife #riceracing Inspiration for last year’s race car livery straight out of graffiti alley in my beautiful city. Thanks to @nogoodthieves ..What will the livery be this year? 😈😈🏁 I’ll tell you that it will be more aggressive - you don’t want to see his car in your rear view 🏎🏎🏎 #racing #tdot #the6ix #torontograffiti Good to see some of the new auto beauties at the @ciaslive 2018. I think @marco.991 and I found our favourite in terms of track fun 🙂🏎💨🏁 #cias #cias2018 #gt2rs #porschemoment I absolutely love this photo. I was lucky enough to be standing with some truly lovely people at @ctmpofficial last season. Firstly, my phenomenal boyfriend and coach @marco.991 who has helped me on my journey since day one, and secondly my lovely protogé Becca Girl 😉 who has been an awesome support and is such a bright girl - so much fun and positivity from this one ❤️ Can’t wait to get the season rolling and to feel a track under my wheels again. Keep patiently waiting, hoping to make an announcement soon! #motorsport #riceracing



LOCATION: Grand Prix Trois-Rivieres.

FORECAST: Severe t-storms (which never came – so instead, sunshine 🙂 )

MOOD: Somber yet humble

Coming out of a race weekend is usually a fantastic feeling.

We went out there, we gave it our all, we had some crazy moments.

This GP3R weekend would not have been one of those weekends. And it is not because we didn’t go out there and give it our all – we definitely did. It was purely because my #18 didn’t feel like working for me.

Maybe he was tired. Who knows.

So, we had some failures. My car is a 2005 remember. It is also built from a street car. Not factory built, no stock performance parts – it is a 2005 base Carrera that we use and use and use; over and over again. It really has held its own if you look at what we have done with it to this point. Countless races – specifically long endurance races, testing, hot laps. I have put it through a lot.

My disappointment from this weekend doesn’t come from the failure that we experienced, but more so for the vitality of my team. They have always given me the perfect car – the perfect set up – the finely maintained clutch, brakes, engine. They are the stars of Motorsport. But this weekend we had issues out of our control or power to fix, and we couldn’t finish any of our races.

Let me repeat, we started three races and finished zero.

‘That is racing’ they say.
I second that. Fully

We go into race weekends with the highest of hopes, the most spectacular perception on what the outcome of the weekend will look like; with the best intentions and dedication. However, I can tell you from experience, you will always, always, have weekends that you will run into some type of issue. That is this sport. And that is ok. We are well aware.

The trick is to keep yourself focused when something does go wrong. Keep yourself hopeful and thankful and cheery. You are at the races, of course!

When you are a driver and the vehicle that you are driving doesn’t happen to work, it takes away your title from right out of your hands.

You can’t be a driver without a machine. Simple.

What was better for me was that I did have something to drive, however this vehicle I drove and didn’t last long. It would give me twenty-five minutes in race one, ten minutes in race two.. twelve in race three.

So we tried and tried. On three different occasions we were fixing my car – bleeding the lines, changing fluids, taking parts off of a friends street Cayman that was parked at the event in the parking lot.. (lol yep) but no luck. And for me, knowing that the inevitable was coming each race.. knowing that my car would fail again, made me reluctant to put 110% of my driving into my car.

It’s a scary feeling pushing your car fully, knowing that something in there is broken. Especially on a track with one million concrete walls. One million. (yes, an exaggeration – but really – a lot of concrete walls)

Either way, we made it through unscathed.

It was amazing to be back at this famous race weekend. The track has seen some fantastic talent over the 50 years it has been the Grand Prix. And the fans there are just impeccable – so passionate and in love with the sport. That is great to see.

So, at the end of this all – the driver is ready and has been ready.

Now we just have to get the car in working order. Stay tuned..

Hoping to see you this weekend at the green flag.
Canadian Tire Motorsport Park – Sept 1-3rd, 2017
Until the finish line,

Lindsay Rice


One comment on “THAT IS RACING

  1. You are extremely lucky that you got a perfect car which has finely maintained clutch, brakes, engine. I so wish that my car was perfect but the truth is that I have to get it repaired on a regular basis.


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