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So happy & so proud of @marco.991 for this past weekends results. He placed 4th overall in race 1, and third overall on race 2. 🏁💃🏼 Never can find a better place than being at the track, and being there with this guy makes it that much better. Congrats babe ! #gt3can #porschegt3cup #motorsport #porscheracing Living vicariously through this one 🙂😂 Doing well here in Sebring - most of the Canadian drivers are taking the top spots (as per the trend for a few years 😅). Loving every minute of being back at the track ❤️❤️ Big news to share very very soon. #riceracing #sebring Here’s a good throwback to us testing last year at @sebringraceway !! Definitely a favourite track of mine. Now - I won’t be testing there again this year, but I decided I can’t stay away any longer. I will be at Sebring this week to cheer on fellow drivers at the #GT3CAN and Continental Races ❤️🏎 Looking forward to being back at the races again, whether or not I’m in the car.  #sebring12 #motorsport #racing I really am so proud of the women I have in my life. They inspire me, they support me, and they make me very happy to call them mine ❤️ Here are a few of the Rice ladies (and baby Walt) supporting me at a charity event last season. These chickies are seriously super rad. I know that these ladies are going to bring so much to this beautiful world 😊 Let’s not forget Walt in the back - he loves his ladies too. 👶🏼 #ladylove #internationalwomensday #riceracing Let’s stick up for the women by our sides, and the women of tomorrow. 👭👭 Happy international women’s day to you wonderful, amazing, chickitas out there. Keep fighting and keep pushing for what you want in your life. 💪🏼 This photo is from a ‘trailblazing women’ panel I was on last year, which I was honoured to be a part of with some truly fantastic ladies by my side.  #internationalwomensday #internationalwomensday2018 #trailblazers #womenforwomen @companyofwomen Suited up, ready to go 🏁🙋🏽‍♀️ Only a matter of time before we get back into this gear. Can’t wait one more second. Especially with the car that’s on its way. Any guesses? 🏎🙄 It’s a beaut #racinglife #riceracing Inspiration for last year’s race car livery straight out of graffiti alley in my beautiful city. Thanks to @nogoodthieves ..What will the livery be this year? 😈😈🏁 I’ll tell you that it will be more aggressive - you don’t want to see his car in your rear view 🏎🏎🏎 #racing #tdot #the6ix #torontograffiti Good to see some of the new auto beauties at the @ciaslive 2018. I think @marco.991 and I found our favourite in terms of track fun 🙂🏎💨🏁 #cias #cias2018 #gt2rs #porschemoment I absolutely love this photo. I was lucky enough to be standing with some truly lovely people at @ctmpofficial last season. Firstly, my phenomenal boyfriend and coach @marco.991 who has helped me on my journey since day one, and secondly my lovely protogé Becca Girl 😉 who has been an awesome support and is such a bright girl - so much fun and positivity from this one ❤️ Can’t wait to get the season rolling and to feel a track under my wheels again. Keep patiently waiting, hoping to make an announcement soon! #motorsport #riceracing




LOCATION: Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

Forecast: Quite sunny     <(“<) 🙂

Mood: Pensive about the weekend.. which turned into pure thrill and excitement.


Defined, the word victory will usually mean that you’ve won, that you’ve made the top, that you’ve proven yourself as the best of the best.

Well to me, this is where we sit this year.

We are victorious.

Not because we placed podiums or because we made headlines.

But simply because we set out for a goal and we did it. We brought the car home, we pushed it to its limit, and we felt absolutely fantastic doing it.

Our last race weekend of the season was more than we could have imagined. Running in GT Sport, our car is classified as the top class out of the three in Canadian Touring Car Championship. These three classes are GT Sport, Super Touring, and Touring. Although this is the case, that doesn’t mean our car is faster than the cars in the below classes. It is actually quite the opposite.

We came into this weekend knowing this, and aiming for some experience.

My 911 gives me 325 horsepower of love. The other cars in GT Sport range from 400-425+. Even some in the Super Touring class are this fast. In simplest terms, we have a huge disadvantage in this field.

Despite this fact, we still placed 5th in class in both races this weekend.
2017 Rogers Cup2017 Rogers Cup

What an effort we had to put forth to make this happen – I was exhausted from that race. Absolutely exhausted. But boy was it worth every second, and tenth of a second.

I think my exhaustion came from the fact that I had cars pushing me the whole way – cars in a lesser class that were ahead of me, to be frank.

But the truth is, they were faster. The BMW 235iR, Mustang Boss, and Cayman GT4 have much more horsepower than I do in my 911. Even if they are in the class below me, they are still zooming past. Keep in mind, horsepower means a lot at Mosport. It is a bit interesting to see actually, but this is the way the series is set out.

So – here we are – pushing for 5th in class and 11th overall. Giving it our heart and soul.

This is when I ran my fastest lap ever in my car at Mosport.
I repeat, ever. 

I didn’t even know until the lap after the checkered flag. My crew chief Chris Goessl came onto the radio, ‘Lindsay!! You ran a 1:32.6!!’ – absolutely ecstatic.


I hugged and congratulated my team after that race. They had helped me get back here. They had helped me to achieve my top results yet again.

Remember when I said I am back? Well, this felt even more like I was a champion again. I was at the edge, with little room for error. We held it and we took it home.

So la-di-da, I have now gone and set another fastest time ever in my #18.. and at the end of the race season. Too bittersweet for my liking. Bittersweet, and leaving me wanting more.

Now we head into the off-season with this in mind. What a tease.

We have strong hope, and full dedication towards another thrilling season next year. Our options are open, and my mind is in the exactly right place for success.

Our focus is now on what is to come.

Currently, I am training and looking towards the off-season and the upcoming 2018 season. What will it bring? I have some ideas. but things change in an instant. All I can say is that it will be exciting, as racing always is.

I am off to Europe for a month on Wednesday. Where am I going, you ask?

Keep you posted. 🙂

Above photos: Stefano Facchin, GP Traveler


Until the finish line,


Lindsay Rice

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